Еко-дърва Pini Kay на палет, топливные брикеты без индивидуальной упаковки

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Fuel briquettes are manufactured using modern equipment that provides high quality products. In the production no additives are used, making fuel briquettes a completely ecologicaly friendly fuel. Characteristics and comparison of briquettes with other types of solid fuel.

Sawdust for fuel briquettes

In the production of our fuel briquettes, pine sawdust is mainly used. In small quantities, we also produce fuel briquettes from deciduous trees: oak, beech. The technological process provides a high density of fuel briquette. The technological process ensures a high density of fuel briquette. This combination gives the product a maximum calorific value in comparison with briquettes from other materials, resistance to damage during transportation and storage, and as a result - the greatest benefit when using them. Advantages and flawes of different types of solid fuel, including briquettes PINI-KAY of our production.

Delivery fuel briquettes from Bulgaria

Our production is located in Gorno Orjahovitsa sity, region Veliko Tarnovo, which makes it convenient to purchase fuel briquettes of the Eurogorivo brand for buyers from the regions of Veliko Tarnovo, Targovishte, Gabrovo, Sliven, Ruse. Also we offer delivery from the seaboard: Varna, Dobrich, Burgas. Prices for fuel briquettes and Delivery in Bulgaria.
Address: Bulgaria, Gorna Oryahovitsa, reg. Veliko Tarnovo, Ivan Momchilov str., 4
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